Ben 10 Meet the Aliens XLR8 Full Cartoon Free HD

Are we getting another Omnitrix alteration at the end of season 2? I’m starting to think Azmuth will have a heart attack when he sees w… a month ago. XLR8 or Fasttrack? 61 messages. Sssaaammm · thumb 3 years ago. Omnitrix88. He’ll use XLR8 more to start, in fact he might not even use Fasttrack for the first 60 episodes,In Ultimate AlienXLR8 looked the same, albeit his Ultimatrix symbol was green. In Heroes United, he had darker skin. In Omniverse, 16-year-old XLR8’s appearance is the same as Ultimate Alien, but taller, the white color on his shirt is replaced by green, which now covers his whole neck. He has four blue stripes on his tail.